Online research



Using the public and private sources available online we might be able to help you with initial determination of records locations, availability, and general feasibility of your project. Up to two hours.

Important disclaimer: We would like to point out that due to the nature of historical research finding particular document or confirming particular event could be guaranteed — not all documents could have survived, not all families (and especially Jewish families) were registering their children, some documents could have been destroyed, archives and depositories could be closed for various reasons, or initial information despite all our effort to clarify may turn out to be misleading.

We also need to note that we will report any results, whether they match your expectations or not. Archives might have some of your hidden skeletons revealed. We cannot undo this. Please consider this before ordering.

We only guarantee to perform the careful and diligent search and report all the findings in due time.

You might only ask for a refund in the only case when we failed to provide you with the report (preliminary, interim, or final) of our findings within one month of your order. The “nothing was found” is not a valid reason to request refund due to the nature of our business, and you expressly agree to this by placing the order with us.



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